History of BEMA Pharma - tradition commits

In year 1911 the entrepreneur Carl-Ludwig Herrmann (1884 – 1944) started the development with analgesic ointments and elaborated medical bath additives in a chemical laboratory in Breslau, in nowadays Poland.This was the beginning of the successful entrepreneurship of "Novopin site" and later "Schöning Pharma" lead by the family Schöning until the 90's. Nowadays high quality pharmaceutical products will be packed and delivered from Berlin all over the world.

„BEMA Pharma GmbH“ , whose name is composed of the first letters of BErlin MAriendorf, aimed at continuing the history, success and traditions of the entrepreneurs Carl-Ludwig Herrmann, Richard Schöning and Werner Schöning. All of our Employees are proud to be part of the longstanding heritage of delivering German high quality products all over the world. 

1911 to 1945

1911 - Pharmacist Carl-Ludwig Herrmann established a chemical laboratory in Breslau, in nowadays Poland. In it he experimented with analgesic ointments and elaborated medical bath additives. The first product mentioned in documents was „Novo-Pin“ from year 1911 that was used as an analgesic.

1913 - Registration of the ointment "Fluopin" as pharmaceutical product and as a brand.

1914 - Carl-Ludwig Herrmann moved from Breslau to Berlin in the district of Tempelhof and there established the plant „Novopin-Fabrik Carl-Ludwig Herrmann“and the perfumery „Belle Alliance Medizinisch kosmetische Präparate Carl-Ludwig Herrmann“. 

1924 - Richard Schöning became the Head of Production of the enterprise „Novopin-Fabrik Carl-Ludwig Herrmann “. Only a year later, on January 1, 1925 he was entrusted with a joint procuracy and entitled with the power to represent the company together with Carl-Ludwig Herrmann.

Richard Schöning 

1928 - The enterprise moved to Eichwalde, south-west Berlin, and 2 years later – to Berlin Johannisthal, at the place of the former airport. 

1930 - The trained busness man Richard Wulff joins the company.

1930 - Registration of the analgesic liquid "Nervpin" as pharmaceutical product and as a brand.

1933 - After the power was taken by the national-socialists in year 1933 Carl Ludwig Herrmann left Berlin and Germany. He continued his international activities as an agent in deals and sales.  Richard Schöning and the salesman Richard Wulff continued the company affairs first as proxies and from May 1933 on as shareholders and managers. 

1936 - At the beginning of this year Richard Schöning and Richard Wulff acquired the enterprise „Novopin Fabrik Pharmacosma GmbH“.

1937 - The company was reorganized into a public business company. Later it adopted the name of „Novopin Fabrik Schöning & Wulff“. 

1945 to 2014

 1945 - „Novopin Fabrik Schöning & Wulff“was taken by Richard Schöning and the enterprise left the Berlin quarter of Johannisthal and moved to the Berlin quarter of Treptow to continue the production there. 

Schöning Produktion2

1949 - „Novopin Fabrik Schöning & Wulff“, located at the then Soviet occupation zone, was expropriated and the „Novopin Fabrik Schöning & Wulff“ became a part of the people’s company „VEB-Volkseigenen Betrieb Dr. Hugo Remmler“.

1951 - Registration of the analgesic liquid "Pinalcol" as pharmaceutical product and brand.

1952 - Registration of the anti-cold-ointment "Mentholon" as pharmaceutical product and brand.

1955 - Richard Schöning establishes the company "OHG Richard Schöning" und invests in the construction of a new manufacturing site at the Porschestraße 22/ 24.

1960 - Start of the manufacturing of analgesic liquids, ointments and medical bath additives in the established site at the Porschestrasse 22/ 24. 


1970 - A new three-floored-building for production and administration was inaugurated.

1974 - Werner Schöning (1928-2003) becomes managing director and shareholder.

Werner Schöning

1983 - Werner Schöning renamed the family enterprise and it was given the new name of „Schöning Pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH“. 

1999 - „Schöning Pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH“ was sold to the entrepreneur Ernst Strätling 

2014 to Today


2014 - BEMA Pharma aquires the company „Schöning Pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH“.

2016 - Registration and Approval of "PantoBEM" and "AtorBEM" as pharmaceutical product and brand.

2016 - Recontsruction and Renovation of the manufacturing site due to EU-GMP Guidelines.